Holiday Program

for Autistic Kids and Young People

At a glance:

We run a holiday program for autistic kids and teens in the first week of every school holidays.

Our venues change from time to time,  but are always selected based on their ability to be safe,  secure and able to meet the varying needs of our kids.

We always run the program in the first week of every school holidays, except Summer when it is held in the first 2 weeks of Jan, to help families plan in advance their holiday schedules.

When: Monday – Friday

Time: 9-1pm except our Thursday “long day” 9-3pm

Carer Ratio: 1:1 or 1:2, depending on level of support required

Who is it for: School aged autistic children and teens, with or without a diagnosis. A formal diagnosis is not required to attend our program.

Cost: $55 per day + activity fee where appropriate. Activity fees are always notified in advance, and are optional.


Families who are financial members of the AIT ($69 per year) will receive priority attendance for their children at the Holiday Program. Details of how to become a financial member can be found here.

Holiday Program fees are usually able to be fully-funded via Whaikaha’s Carer Support funding or Individualised funding, however we recommended contacting Whaikaha or your IF Host to discuss any specific approval requirements. We can also accept OSCAR subsidies.


Whatever your kids are into, we are open to giving it a try. In the past we have facilitated: Swimming, bush walks, train/bus rides, hanging at our venues, beach day (weather dependent), Te Papa, Movie day, Botanical Gardens, dancing, swimming


Currently we run a Junior (5-11 years) and a Senior (12+) programm at the following venues:

For Seniors:  Johnsonville School, Morgan Street, Johnsonville

For Juniors:  Lyall Bay School, 2 Freyberg Street, Lyall Bay

Who it is for

We run a strength-based holiday program which is designed to support every child, and even when there are challenges or behaviors to navigate, we don’t want that to feel like a barrier for our families.

It’s important to us to be able to cater to all autistic children and young people, and our team have extensive experience working with a wide range of needs.

We encourage you to share as much information as possible about your child, including any specific needs or concerns. Our Holiday Program Coordinators, Stephen and Pete, are here to listen and understand. The more we know about your child, the better we can ensure they enjoy their time with us and feel supported and safe. Don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss your child’s unique needs with us before they join the program

Next Steps

If you’re interested in joining our next program, please email our Holiday Program Manager, Stephen, to schedule a  meeting or phone call to discuss your and your child’s needs. Our program is very popular so we recommend contacting us early to register your interest to avoid missing out.

Before any child starts with our program, we gather a full individual profile to help us understand them better— their preferences, desires, and any specific needs. We’ll then arrange a meeting or comprehensive phone call with you to further this understanding.

For new participants, we begin with a 2-day induction during their first holiday program and we’ll do our best to ensure these days work with your requirements.  This allows us to meet and interact with your child, understand their needs, and determine the best days and activities for them. This initial period is crucial for building rapport and ensuring everyone’s safety and enjoyment throughout the program.

Please email Stephen at

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