Wellington Autism Clinic

Since 2018 the Autism Experiences Wellington Trust (formerly AIT)  have partnered with and supports the work of the Autism Clinic (Te Rāngai Takiwātanga) run by Victoria University of Wellington.

The clinic is based in Petone, Wellington, and provides support for autistic children, or children who are not diagnosed but may be autistic. They work with an advisory group of autistic adults, parents, and professionals to ensure that their supports are respectful and suited to the needs of the community.

Their Wellington based services include:

Free Support
For children under 6 years

  • Places in the Autism Clinic’s community support programme are available in 2024.
  • This programme involves evidence-based strategies for supporting children under 6 years and their whānau.
  • Thanks to grant funding, these sessions are available for free to families and whānau.

For children under 10 years

  • Paediatric Autism Communication Therapy (PACT) uses video feedback to support parent-child interactions and child communication.
  • Therapists deliver PACT directly to parents in person at the clinic, or online via platforms like Zoom.
  • This service is not subsidised.

Speech Language Therapy
For children under 13 years

  • Speech Language Therapy focuses on the child’s strengths and interests to promote language and communication.
  • This service is for children under 13 years and is not subsidised.

To find out more about these services, including the costs involved visit the Autism Clinic website or contact: autism-clinic@vuw.ac.nz or 022 010 6855

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