Supporting evidence based therapy


We are extremely grateful to the following        organisations for the support shown to local families and children on the spectrum:

  • Winton and Margaret Bear Charitable Trust, managed by Trustee Executors

  • Thomas George MaCarthy Trust

All parents want their children to lead happy and satisfying lives. Which is why the Trust supports evidence-based early intervention therapies.  Yet all too often access to therapy that can make a difference is determined by a family’s ability to pay.

While we would like to ensure all children have access to the best interventions available, funding that goal is well beyond our reach. That is why the Autism Intervention Trust is focusing efforts on building local research into interventions that work for children on the spectrum.

The Autism Intervention Trust is currently sponsoring a PhD scholarship looking at best practice early intervention.

Working with Victoria University of Wellington, the Autism Intervention Trust is fundraising to support a PhD student who will work with children on the spectrum, their families and others who support them as part of their PhD.

Children on the spectrum in Wellington have few options if any to access services that are funded as a matter of course overseas, so this is a fantastic opportunity to give these children the support they need and deserve. So this will be a win / win solution for many families and carers supporting kids on the spectrum here in Wellington.

The programme will use evidence based behavioural approaches, will be child focused and tailored to their individual needs.

The programme will also provide the opportunity to teach everyone involved with each child: how best to communicate with them and support them.

To make this happen we are reliant on the generosity of major sponsors, the Winton and Margaret Bear Charitable Trust and the TG Macarthy Trust which have been long-time supporters of therapy funding and now our PhD scholarship.

So why not join them in supporting research into therapies and interventions that will make a real and lasting difference to the lives of ASD children and their families in Wellington and beyond.

To make a donation now click here or send your donations to:

Autism Intervention Trust

Address: PO Box 14502
Wellington 6241
New Zealand
The Autism Intervention Trust is a registered charitable organisation (CC10418).
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