ASD friendly gym classes

The Autism Intervention Trust with the support of Capital Gym Sports run up to two gym classes* on Sunday mornings during school term time. The aim of the classes is to provide opportunities for children on the autism spectrum to improve motor skills in an environment and with a routine that works for them, and most importantly to have fun!

Siblings are also welcome.

The two classes are loosely split by age. The class for younger children (under 7s) is geared towards allowing children to explore the gym equipment with opportunities to engage in games and activities. The class for older children (over 7s) is more structured with children following a routine of warm up, equipment circuits and warm down.

The under 7s class usually runs from 9am to 10am, and the over 7s class runs from 10am to 11am.

As it sometimes takes a while for children on the spectrum to actively engage in activities, the Autism Intervention Trust offers the first term of classes free of charge.

There are no strict rules about age so please register / enrol your child/ren in the class which would suit them best.

While Capital Gym Sports provides coaches to direct the sessions, it is a requirement that parents / caregivers stay with the children during the class.

The gym equipment is full size and children need to be adequately supervised for safety reasons. We also find when parents / caregivers and siblings actively engage in the class as well, the children gain more from the class. Siblings also make great teachers!

If you wish to continue after the first term there is a cost to enrol:

  • $60 per term for Autism Intervention Trust financial members, or
  • $70 per term for non financial members.

(Prices are including GST and subject to change – hopefully less if more funding is available)

Each term of classes runs for approximately 10 weeks.

Capital Gym Sports is in Hutchison Street, Newtown (behind Toi Whakaari).


To enrol or register your interest in the UNDER 7s CLASS please click here.

To enrol or register your interest in the OVER 7s CLASS please click here.



If you are interested in supporting this activity – thanks! Please do get in touch, or you can make a donation here.

*subject to class sizes and available funds.

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