The Autism Intervention Trust is run by parents and supports children with autism and their families in the Wellington region.

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Recent Updates

Latest news from Minds 4 Minds

Interested in what Minds 4 Minds have been up to ?  Here we have their latest newsletter.  It is so heartening to know that we have a group of researchers of this calibre working in the field of autism research here in Aotearoa New Zealand. M4M newsletter issue 2

Evidence-Based Practices for autism…

The Trust is very passionate about the use of evidence-based practices for children with autism, in any kind of therapeutic or educational setting. Recently, we invited two Phd scholars (Amarie Carnett and Alicia Bravo) from Victoria University, to one of our meetings.  They gave a comprehensive presentation on the latest research and findings into evidence-based practice. […]

Upcoming events

Participants required for research into using Speech-Generating Devices…

Teaching Advanced Requesting Skills to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder who use Speech-­‐Generating Devices (SGD)   Do you have a child with Autism who uses a Speech-­‐Generating Device or would you like your child to learn to use a Speech-­‐ Generating Device? If so, your child might benefit from participating in my Ph.D. research investigating […]

Supporting Minds for Minds

Released on Attitude Live is a short documentary about the group Minds for Minds and one of its members Rosamund Hill.  Joined by the rest of the family,  Rosamund talks frankly about being the parent of Claude her son who has profound autism, and how Minds for Minds is working to unravel some of the mysteries […]

Autism Intervention Trust Coffee – New Roast from Brazil!

The fabulous people at Coffee Supreme have been very busy roasting great coffee and raising funds for our Holiday programme at the same time.  They’ve been so successful they’ve finished the Kenya Peaberry coffee and are now selling a new brew called Brazil F.A.F. Rerserva. Once again,  all proceeds go towards our Holiday Programme for children with autism in Wellington.  […]

Book Review – Dr. Thompson’s Straight Talk On Autism by Travis Thompson.

Book Review – Dr. Thompson’s Straight Talk On Autism by Travis Thompson. Reviewed by Michelle Isaac. (My copy was loaned from the IHC Library) Five stars (out of five) Dr Thompson is ideally qualified to write about autism, he has clinical, academic and lived experience of autism (a grandchild with autism).  This the kind […]

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