The Autism Intervention Trust is run by parents and supports children with autism and their families in the Wellington region.

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Recent Updates

Autism Intervention Trust Strategy evening and meet up…

Hi All The Trust has some exciting news to share and would also like to host a members catch up for members to let us know what they would like to see the Trust do in the future. Date: 22nd Sept Time: 7:00pm Venue: Scouts NZ, 1 Kaiwharawhara Road Hope to see you all there. Kind […]

Registrations are open for term 3 2016 gym classes

The very popular gym classes are open for registration for term 3 2016. Classes will run from 31 July – 2nd October. Click here to find out more.

Autism Intervention Trust AGM…

Hi all We are pleased to announce that we are having our annual AGM on Thursday the 28th of July at 6pm, all welcome. The venue is Scouts New Zealand, handily located at 1 Kaiwharawhara Road (upstairs from the Tile Space). Parking is available outside or across the road at Spotlight. Hope to see you […]

Assistance Dogs… Meetup & AGM…

Hi all Pleased to announce that we’re having a Meetup about Assistance dogs for autism followed by our annual AGM and a social catch up. This is happening on Thursday the 30th of June, all welcome. 7 – 8 pm Talk and question time on assistance dogs for families living with autism. You might’ve seen […]

Term 4 gym classes are now open for registration

The very popular gym classes are now open for registration for term 4 (18 October to 20 December). Special thanks goes to the Wellington Children’s Foundation for making the classes even more affordable. Click here to find out more.

Term 3 gym classes are now open for registration


Registrations are now open for term 3 gym classes run by the Autism Intervention Trust with the support of Capital Gym Sports. To register now just complete the registration form. To find out more about our gym classes, click here. Please note prices now are excluding GST. REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. IF YOU WOULD LIKE […]

We’re running an ‘Autism Workshop’ in June…

Presented by Dr Larah van der Meer and Catriona Barclay;  “From research to practice: How to use video modelling to support skill development in children with autism spectrum disorders. So easy, even you can do it!” The workshop focuses on “Developing spoken language and independent toileting skills in children with autism spectrum disorders”. This practical workshop […]

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